Who we are

TPT brings together policy practitioners and researchers united by the belief in informed decision-making, adopting a bottom-up approach within the formal policy space. Our approach is holistic, blending rigorous research, open dialogue, and community engagement to generate policy recommendations that reflect the diverse needs of society. We actively seek partnerships with like-minded individuals, organizations, and policymakers to collaboratively address complex challenges, understand briefly what a community has to share, and implement effective solutions based on discourse.

  • Embracing a bottom-up approach for policy formulation to ensure informed decision-making.
  • Utilizing a holistic methodology by merging rigorous research, open dialogue, and community engagement.
  • Seeking collaborative partnerships with individuals, organizations, and policymakers.
  • Implementing effective solutions grounded in diverse community discourse.
  • Crafting diverse recommendations that reflect the nuanced needs of different societal groups.

Together, we are shaping a future where policies are not only well-informed but also reflect the diverse and interconnected world we live in. Join us on this transformative journey at The Policy Tank.

Your participation will contribute significantly to our collective pursuit of crafting policies that resonate with the complex realities of our society, fostering a future that is inclusive, responsive, and adaptable to the evolving needs of our global community.

Let's collaborate to bring about meaningful change and create a more resilient and equitable world through informed policy-making.

Vision and Mission

What we Trying to Achieve

Create a world where progressive policy solutions foster social fairness and equity. In our ideal society, laws promote social justice, strengthen underprivileged populations, and guarantee everyone's well-being. Our main goals are to promote inclusive dialogue, facilitate compassionate decision-making, and leave a lasting impression on the globe.

Close the distance between various stakeholders, appreciating the vital insights they all have to provide. Establish an environment where ideas are encouraged, policies are examined, and solutions are found via teamwork.


Our Areas of Focus


Championing accessible, quality education for all. We advocate policies that innovate learning methodologies, bridge educational gaps, and nurture a skilled, informed, and empowered society.

Social Issues

Pioneering initiatives that tackle societal disparities, foster inclusivity, and address pressing social challenges. We advocate for equitable policies to uplift marginalized voices and create a cohesive society.


Dedicated to fostering transparency, accountability, and citizen participation in governance. Through policy analysis and advocacy, we fortify democratic processes, empower citizens, and optimize public service delivery for societal welfare.

International Relations

Engaging in diplomacy and fostering cross-border partnerships. Our aim is to cultivate understanding, promote peace, and facilitate cooperative frameworks on global issues.

Climate Change

Committed to environmental sustainability and climate resilience. Our policy interventions prioritize conservation, renewable energy adoption, and sustainable practices for a greener future.


Advocating for fair, efficient, and transparent legal systems. We focus on policy frameworks that strengthen the rule of law, promote access to justice, and ensure equality before the law.

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The Minds Behind Us

Prof. Frederick J. Herbst

Advisor & Strategist

Prof.Brijesh Hirat

Policy Advisor

Dave Spence

Advisor & Strategist


Our Hardworking Team

Pranav Sharma


Sunidhi Lohar


Nimisha Borah

Project Coordinator

Ananya Doundiyal

Research Officer

Paras Guar


Tejal Nikam

Associate Researcher

Saanvi Bhatter


Suneelesh Batabyal

Associate Researcher

Omkar H. Gage

Content Creator


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